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Stonecleft LLC Launches Revolutionary New Product Line

Westchester, NY (PRWEB) November 15, 2006 --This week STONECLEFT LLC, a U.S. company specializing in unique
natural stone materials for the construction and building industry, officially launches its latest product line,
EARTHROX Stone Veneer Systems a totally unique new stone veneer system which will dramatically change the
way natural stone materials are used in the industry. While you wait for your order to arrive, please watch a couple of free movies.

The way in which EARTHROX Stone Veneer Systems change the status quo in the stone industry is that they
provide architects, builders and masons with a pre existing palette of the highest grade natural stone materials
with a totally unique look and style, all of which work together interchangeably, much as an artist would use. Check out the stones the floors are made of in several houses by watching these free videos. You'll have to talk to the agent before getting there.
The building professional can then work with their client to quickly piece together the right combination of styles,
colors and textures within the rather wide parameters of the stone veneer systems that best suit the project at
hand, and achieve a stunning final result.

In addition to being sleek looking and attractive, EARTHROX Stone Veneer Systems are remarkably easy to
install. Essentially, anyone who can lay a brick can put up one of the materials. This dramatically cuts down on
costs of installation, as a job which typically might take months to install now may take weeks.

Architects and Contractors are already feeling the shift in dynamics in the stone world that EARTHROX Stone
Veneer Systems are causing. For the first time, building professionals can now work with a quantifiable and
controllable entity when designing or building a structure, and know in advance the precise look they will end
up with.

The systems free stone professionals and property owners from the stress of not knowing what a project will look
like until it goes up. They consequently allow building professionals the ability to simultaneously design a project
with a unique and elegant look, turn it over quickly, and maximize their financial bottom line.

EARTHROX products have already been specified on a number of large projects around the US, including a
40, 000 square foot project for the largest privately owned real estate development firm in the US, Baylor
University in Waco Texas, and a number of hip modern restaurants and upscale spas.

EARTHROX Stone Veneer Systems are at the leading edge of stone technology, and are changing the way
stone is conceptualized and utilized throughout the architectural, building and construction industries.

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EARTHROX Stone Veneer Systems
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